The premiere of Inclusive theater "Taganka Shed" new performance "10 methods to shirk school" took place on December 24, 2015 in the House of children's creativity of "Dinaoda".
The program is financed by Committee of public relations of the city of Moscow.

«Таганка Шед» «10 способов прогулять школу»
We invite you to December 21, 2015 at 16 o'clock in the "Christmas Concert" pupils of the school № 1231. The concert will be held at the House of Children's Creativity "Dinaoda" at Filippovskiy per., 8, metro "Kropotkinskaya".
Inclusive Theatre " Taganka Shed " invites to the new performance " 10 Ways to be absent from school" on December 24 at 18 o'clock in " Dinaoda " - Filippovskiy Lane , Building 8 , metro " Kropotkinskaya " .
The program director of Taganka Children's Fund ZP Borzov took part in a strategic planning session, "The search for new models of cross-sectoral cooperation between NGOs, government and business in the area of support for families and children."
ТДФ и сессия стратегического планирования
More recently, this is unlikely to have happened. These 30 people, most likely, accusing each other of all sins went to each of his business. But the 25 - 27 November in Chelyabinsk, psychologists and priests of the diocese in one of the audience discussed the prevention of violence that occurs in the family, the possibility of pooling resources of secular and church social workers to assist these families. Combining all of one simple idea: the family is the most important thing to a person, especially a child. Seminar held program director of Taganka Children's Fund Borzov SP The seminar was attended parochial social workers, volunteers of the church service of charity, specialists in Chelyabinsk center "Family".
Круглый стол «Формы взаимодействия Церкви, государства и общества в помощи семьям с проблемами домашнего насилия»
“Small” civil society organizations and the “Big” Tomsk state university have discovered how they can be useful for one another so that there were more happy families and children in our country and so that the term “family with risk of social orphanhood” could be heard rarer. On Friday, 13th November 2015, the Programme director of TCF Sergey Borzov has met the Principal of the Tomsk state university, one of the 10 best universities of Russia. The meeting saw discussion of cooperation between the University and several civil organizations, including the National foundation for protection of children from abuse (Moscow), Regional centre for practical psychology and social work Vector (Perm), charitable foundation “New Development” (Tomsk) and Taganka children’s fund (Moscow). In spite of the superstitious date of the meeting, it went really well. Over 10 steps for mutually-beneficial cooperation have been identified to take forward: from the research programmes of immediate interest to improvement of procedures of providing support to children and families in difficult life situations.
This is indeed a very sad situation for a family in a crisis when incompetent specialist is involved. The social worker who struggles to understand (or doesn’t know) how to help parents in crisis can contribute to the worsening of the situation rather than helping them. Unfortunately, for many families in Russia such situations are still a reality. This is why Taganka children’s fund (TCF) pays a lot of attention to development and realization of innovative programmes for skills improvement of specialists working with children. On the 29-31 October 2015 Sergey Borzov (TCF, expert of the Charitable foundation for preventing social orphanhood) conducted a seminar in Cherepovets in the north-west of Russia. The seminar was organized by the charitable foundation “Way home” (from Chelyabinsk in the Ural region of Russia). During these three days the interagency team was tackling the issue of the best practice in providing support to families which are affected by the alcohol dependency. Beneficiaries of the seminar included leaders of the projects, psychologists and social workers. In spite of the diverse range of issues the participants are working with in their projects (including families in difficult life situations, families with disabled members, substitute families and families with children up to 3 y.o.), in each of those projects there are cases affected by the alcohol dependency issue. During the seminar Sergey Borzov has proposed the new innovative procedure of engaging with families with this issue. This procedure has been piloted before and has shown high results rates.

Некомпетентный помощник
«The socially-oriented NGOs have to realize that what the state offers is entering the market of social services and not the new system of budget funding allocation”, - according to Sergey Borzov this was the core motif of the meeting with editors of the leading news portals, business representatives and government authorities at the Moscow branch of the All-Russian civil front on the 26-27th October 2015. The meeting was entitled “Dialogue. Trust. Action” and aimed at development of the socially-oriented non-government organizations (NGOs). The Programme director of the Taganka children’s fund (TCF) – Sergey Borzov – participated in the event by presenting our understanding of the main challenges for effective implementation of preventive services for children and families at risk, including lack of legally defined definitions “factors of abuse risk”, “minimal age-related needs of the child”, undeveloped system of training and support for socially-oriented NGOs that provide services to children and families at risk. The meeting allowed to achieve agreements on participation of the TCF specialists in training processes for the staff of the department of guardianship and custody as well as cooperation with the National foundation for protection of children from abuse in tackling abovementioned issues.
Диалог ТДФ. Доверие. Форум
- Детей от 6 до 18 лет на занятия в Инклюзивный театр «Таганка Шед»- занятия бесплатные
- Молодых людей и инвалидностью на занятия у группу социальной реабилитации «Росточек»- занятия бесплатные.
- Малообеспеченные семьи на консультации психолога и юриста, на раздачу гуманитарной помощи, на групповые занятия в Родительский клуб.

Запись по телефону (495) 911 74 49 с 24 августа 2015 года.
Приглашаем на занятия

Детские группы здоровья:
• Группа малыши. Дети от 2 лет вместе с мамами.
• Дошкольники - малыши от 4-5 лет
• Младший школьный возраст - дети 7 - 9 лет
• Группа здоровь для детей с ограниченными возможностями. Занятия проводятся совместно с родителем

Занятия для детей

- Игровой английский й - для детей 4-7 лет
- Английский й для младших школьников
- Английский для школьников
- Основы компьютерной грамотности:
Для ребят от 7 до 12 лет
Для взрослых
- Музыкально-поэтический клуб для подростков
-Обучение игре на гитаре
- Хоровое пение
- Музыкально-танцевальные занятия для детей 4-7 лет
- Рисование и рукоделие

Оплата 2000 рублей в месяц (занятия 2 раза в неделю)
Для малообеспеченных семей, состоящих на обслуживании в Таганском детском фонде – 500 рублей в месяц
Запись по телефону (495) 911 74 49 с 24 августа 2015 года
Taganka children’s fund expresses sincere thanks to all teams that participated in the 9th Charitable Bowling Tournament: AAAEnglish, AECOM 1, AECOM 2, Cargill 1, Cargill 2, Moscow FM, Mercury 1, Mercury 2, MIX , Rexam, Yuzhny Port, Work Service, UMki, and sponsors: Floral design agency BUKETOFF, NESTLE, SUPRA, TONcafe for making the 9th CHARITABLE BOWLING TOURNAMENT on April 23rd such a great success! The tournament took place at Bi-Ba-Bo bowling club – our general sponsor and generous annual host since the very 1st event and its director Nikita Kozlov!
9-й Благотворительный Турнир по Боулингу в поддержку ТДФ
TAGANKA CHILDREN’S FUND would like to thank all its friends and supporters who joined them on the 4th of December to see the new performance by the inclusive theatre Taganka Shed titled “THE FESTIVAL OF DREAMS” at the Central House of Journalists. 4 professional staff back up over 20 children and teenagers both with and without disabilities of various kinds in this theatrical production performed to a mix of good music pieces and once again contributing to acceptance of diversity in the Russian society through art and fun.
Taganka children`s fund and Inclusive theater "Taganka Shed" kindly invite you to the performance "Holiday of fantasy".
The preformance take place in the Central House of Journalists, Nikitskiy boulevard, 8A, metro Arbatskaya 4th December 2014, 19.00.

Dear Friends!

Taganka children’s fund invites you to take part in a charitable project “DOING GOOD WITH A POSTCARD FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON”. By joining in, you will not only be able to congratulate your friends, colleagues, partners and clients with upcoming winter holidays with the help of our beautifully designed cards, but also help families in need, including single-parent, large families and families with disabled children or parents in them.

Dear friends!
Taganka Children’s Fund is happy to invite you to the 9th Charitable Bowling Tournament 2014, which will take place on April 23rd in the bowling club “Bi-Ba-Bo” from 18.00 to 22.00 at Karmanitsky pereulok, 9, metro Smolenskaya.

Terms of participation: teams of 4 players,
If you don’s have a team, we can offer you participation in a combined team.
Donation: 3 000 rubles per person, 12 000 rubles per team

Booking:, or (495) 911-74-49 .
Taganka Children’s Fund extends heartfelt thanks to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicls for lending us a helpful hand in the transportation of New Year presents for children from needy families. Thanks to a Volkswagen vehicle more than 385 families have received sweet presents and toys that have kindly been provided by the “Detskiy Mir” Charitable Foundation under the “Help Together” Project. We also extend special thanks to Natalia Koctenok for arranging this much-needed assistance and thereby paving way for joy and happiness ahead of New Year’s.


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