This was the title of the recently performed concert by Rostochek group participants, who have prepared the music performance together with their teachers. All participants of the group had a chance to perform, no one was left out. And to support this brave beginning, another music group - TCF's Dobry Molodtsy- have supported Rostochek with music compositions of their own. .
"Весна и Северный ветер"
Social Quest is a series of events, aimed at developing positive civil activity through social projecting. This is a project co-organised by the Agency of social investment and innovation, Kaissa, Taganka children's fund and Living Cities Forum. The project is funded by the grant from the city of Moscow Committee of Public Connections for socially-oriented NGOs. The project includes strategic sessions for people, who are prepared to start their own social project and provision of support by project teams for the duration of 2 months. The project aims to attract 60 activists and achieve 30 ready to launch social projects as the result. The work is divided into three strands: My neighbourhood (for projects in the interests of the local community), My family (for projects in the interests of families and children), My city (for the city-level projects). Taganka children's fund is involved in the My family strand of work and launches its participation in March 2017. Everyone is invited to learn more and get involved.
Социальный квест. Присоединяйтесь!
The Public Council of the parents of disabled children and young people of Taganka district in Central Moscow in partnership with Taganka children's fund and State Center for social support to family and children "Semiya" has piloted a new format of event on the 3rd of March at the library of the Prefect of the Central region of Moscow. The event took place at 5 Novospassky per. and aimed at families with disabled children. The event has been devoted to the International Women's Day on the 8th of March. Attending families have received a lot of new information about available social and educational support services in Moscow, opportunities for integration of their children into the society. The inclusive theatre company Taganka shed and Warm-hearted workshop have organised master-classes for the participants.
Мероприятие нового формата
We heartily thank students-volunteers from the All-Russian academy of external trade of the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation for the wonderfully organised celebration of the Pancake day, sincere care and positive emotions that they have shown to the children and young people of Rostochek group during joint activities. Your help is greatly appreciated!
Празднование Масленицы в группе "Росточек".
The Public Council of the parents of disabled children and young people with disabilities of Taganka district in Moscow in cooperation with Taganka children's fund and the centre for social support to family and children Semiya will be holding an event on the occasion of the International Women's Day on the 3rd March 2017 at 4pm at the Library of the Central district Prefecture (5 Novospassky per.) for families with disabled children. The main aim of the event is to inform families with disabled children about available social and educational resources of the city of Moscow, to assist in socialisation and integration of disabled children into the society. The event will include master-classes of the Inclusive theatre company Taganka shed and Warm-hearted workshop, non-government organisation Alley of Kindness and consultations of educational and leisure centers as well as a concert and entertainment programme. The event is unique in a way that it has been initiated by the parents of disabled children, who united together and formed a Council to take any necessary steps to help build a constructive and constant dialogue with representatives of the executive and legislative authorities in order to help their children learn music, arts, literature and creativity as well as help unite all those parties who care about the problems of the disabled members of society.
Приглашаем семьи с детьми-инвалидами
Warm-hearted workshop has presented its unique produce at the Mendelssohn show on the 17-19 February 2017 in Tishinka trading centre. The workshop is welcoming new participants willing to train and join the team of craftswomen. For more information and to sign up, please call +7(495)369-00-34. The classes take place at Bolshoi Fakelny pereulok 9/11. This project is being realised in the framework of Self-Help programme supported by CatFoundation and the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).
Мастерская "Сердечно" на Мендельсон Шоу
Programme director of TCF Sergey Bodrov has presented the Fund's programme "Territory of solidarity - Together for the support of Family" at the Social Audit of family and children organisations by the Department of labour and social protection of the Central district of the city of Moscow on the 16th of February. The main discussion focused on the algorithm of cooperation between the state organisations and socially oriented NGOs with the aim to improve the conditions for families with children. The Programme is being realized by the Taganka children's fund and funded by the subsidy of the Committee of public connections of the city of Moscow.
Алгоритм взаимодействия
The inclusive theatre company Taganka shed is welcoming the Pancake week by the performance on the 16th February on the stage of the hospitable Centre for children's creative arts Dinaoda.
Встречаем Масленицу
Taganka children's fund would like to offer its heartfelt thanks to the students of the Department of Government management of the Moscow Foreign Affairs University for their invaluable support to the families with disabled children. Children in Rostochek group cannot stop remembering the wonderful celebration organised by the students for them just before the New Year. During this interaction two separate worlds have crossed the boundaries and have joined together. This was the first such meeting, and we think that the students have approached this task very responsibly and left so many wonderful memories. Thank you very much! Our special thanks go to the people who helped this come true: Aigul Musina and Ilona Ilyasova. We look forward to future meetings with you!
Сердечно благодарим студентов МГИМО
The inclusive theatre company Taganka Shed is pleased to invite to its play on the occasion of the Pancake festival, which is based on the ancient Slavic traditions. The plot focuses on a group of teenage friends who travel in time to the time of our ancestors. They will face challenges tackling the pagan winter goddess and freeing the sun. Everyone who will attend will have a chance to learn more about our ancient traditions, not just pancake-eating. We look forward to see you on the 16th February at 4pm in the House of childrens arts Dinaoda (Philipovsky per. 8 bld. 1, metro Kropotkinskaya).
Приглашаем на спектакль " Масленица-Комоедица "
The theatre association "The Union of Taganka Actors" invites their little friends to take part in the drawing competition The Art of the Little Spectator. When you return home from the theatre performance, overwhelmed by what you have just seen, the pencil or the painting brush can become your magic wand. All parents know about the importance of drawing in the creative development of the child. This exciting way of getting your head round what you have just seen, to discuss important meanings of things, to learn about the world in the way that suits the little person. All children like drawing. And the Union of Taganka Actors loves its little spectators, that is why they launched this competition. When the results have been announced, the exhibition of the drawings will take place both in the theatre and in the premises of Taganka children's fund. The best drawings will be displayed. Partner-organisations include internet-portal Leisure activities with Children, the Moscow House of Books, Taganka children's fund and the Centre for social support to family and children - Semya(Family). For additional information, please contact tel. +74959151024 or email
Конкурс рисунка "Искусство маленького зрителя"
On 19th January Taganka children fund's programme director Sergey Borzov has participated in the Moscow Family-2017 dialogue platform of the Public Chamber of Moscow, which has brought together social organisations of the Department of labour and social protection of the population of Moscow working with families and children and socially-oriented NGOs - winners of the grant competition of the Committee for Public connections of Moscow. Sergey Borzov has presented Taganka children's fund programme "The Territory of Solidarity - together to help family" at the event.
Московская семья - 2017
Taganka children's fund is pleased to announce that it has won a competition for funding from the Committee of the Public Connections of Moscow for its programme "The territory of solidarity - together to help family", which aims to combine resources available for social work with families and children.
Победитель конкурса социально значимых проектов
We are very pleased to announce that the programme director of Taganka children's fund Sergey Bodrov has been elected as the deputy chairman of the Public Expert Council for Family and Children issues at the Department of labour and social protection of populations of the city of Moscow. The election took place on the 12th January 2017, the meeting was chaired by the director of the Department T. Barsukova (pictured).
Общественный экспертный совет
We are pleased to announce one of the easiest and quickest ways to support Taganka children's fund projects via Yandex.Money service. Our code is
New Year is the most amazing and magic holiday of the year for children in Russia. Many children are looking forward to the NY celebrations more than to their own birthdays, because this is the magic night when Father Frost comes to them and fulfils their most wanted wishes. For over 15 years students of the Anglo-American school in Moscow have been making amazing gifts to the children in care of Taganka children's fund. Thanks to their care and support, every child at Taganka children's fund always receives a surprising gift in time for New Year. bringing them lots of joy, happiness, amazement and fills their holidays with magic. We would like to offer our most sincere thanks to the students, parents and staff at the Anglo-American school in Moscow for the magic they have once again shared with the kids at Taganka children's fund! Thank you!
Спасибо за Новогоднее чудо!
The new play Festive stories from Father Frost by the inclusive theatre Taganka shed was an amazing present to all friends of Taganka children's fund. The plot about the difficulties of magic characters and how they did everything possible to overcome them was developed and realised by the kids themselves with the help of their talented teachers: Alexey Vasuykov, Yaroslava Sokolovskaya, Vita Moroz, Varvara Habibulina and Ekaterina Zhogleva. We would also like to express our heartfelt thanks to Dinaoda centre for children's arts, who have been a wonderful host for the Taganka shed and provided their stage for the performance.
Новогодний подарок от "Таганка Шед"
Inclusive theatre Taganka shed invites you to come see its new performance Festive stories from Father Frost on the 22nd December 2016. In a magic holiday story we will experience traditional celebrations as well as magic encounters with New Year machine that produces decorations and multiple fantasy creatures who will have to overcome a number of challenges to reach a happy final! Please join us in the House of children's creative arts Dinaoda at Filipovsky per. 8 bld. 1 (metro Kropotkinskaya). We look forward to see you there!
Приглашаем на спектакль "Новогодние истории Деда Мороза"
Quoting the well-known poem by Nikolay Zabolotsky: "Do not let your soul be lazy! So that you are not held behind, Your soul must work hard Both day and night, both day and night!" We all know these lines very well from early childhood days, but how often do we think about them and what they really mean? In the age of free-flowing information and new technologies, consumerist society and race to get knowledge and diplomas, people tend to forget about the very important part of each person - our inner development. Kindergarten, school, multiple educational groups teach kids to behave in a very restricted way: this is what is right and this is what is wrong. This is what you need to do to get "satisfactory" marks at school and this is what you need to do to get "excellent". In such system the child loses the ability to make decisions independently, to express their individuality. But remember, each person has a personality. That is why the aim of Taganka shed inclusive theatre company is first of all to develop the personality, to help the children learn to make their own decisions, to evaluate circumstances, to share emotions with the surrounding world and to not conform to the system just because. They learn to find a way out of any situation, no matter how difficult, and to stop waiting for someone to do it for them, while they stand lonely in the corner unprotected and unequipped with skills to do it themselves. Theatre also develops communicative skills, respectful attitude to what others do, to their opinions. The child can learn to present themselves and to behave freely, to be part of the team as the theatre is always one big family. Of course, we do not expect all our theatre company members to become professional actors, though some of them are already members of Moscow Theatres companies, which we are tremendously proud of. But they will certainly find it easier to find their way in life, to be more confident, open, communicative and interesting members of society.
От Команды Инклюзивного театра "Таганка Шед"
New techniques in education and preventive work with dysfunctional families have been chosen as directions supported by the government think-tank Agency of strategic initiatives at the Social Initiatives working group meeting, that took place on 28 November led by Elena Nikolaeva. The project is headed by Sergey Borzov, the programme director of Taganka children's fund. It aims to improve the quality of social services provided to families and children at risk, to prevent social orphanhood through effective partnership between socially oriented NGOs, state organisations and civil society actors. Its main priority is protecting the rights and lawful interests of children. The model presented has many levels of involvement, based on the introduction of new techniques into the system of social organisations responsible for preventive work. One more important aspect is the educational work and further development training of the specialists working in this area and provision of supervision. This model uses the systematic approach, works on the constant basis and is supported by necessary regulations in place.
Проект «Внедрение инновационной модели профилактики семейного неблагополучия Томской области»

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